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This year's IPITA is being held in Oxford. The Congress will be based within the new ‘state of the art’ Mathematical Institute which is an outstanding conference facility and an ideal sized venue for an IPITA Congress.

The Scientific Program will cover all aspects of whole pancreas and islet transplantation (both research and clinical practice). The Congress will have a specific focus on:

  1. Developing increased collaboration between the whole pancreas and islet transplant communities with the aim of moving towards an integrated, patient-centred approach to beta-cell replacement.
  2. Providing a...

The Boston-Ithaca Islet Club was founded in 1992 when there was a clear desire for closer interactions and collaborations between islet researchers in Boston and Ithaca, principally at that time, the laboratories of Susan Bonner-Weir (Harvard University), Chris Boyd (Tufts University), Barbara Corkey (Boston University), Gordon Weir (Harvard University) and Geoffrey Sharp (Cornell University). Thus on April 3rd, 1993 the first meeting was held. Remarkably, over 70 people participated in the meeting. Since then meetings have been held twice each year in the Spring and the Fall with enthusiastic...

CellCAN organizes, in partnership with the Centre for Commercialization of Cancer Immunotherapy (C3i) and BioCanRx, its First Pancanadian Strategic Forum, Cell & Gene Therapy Revolution: Get Ready!

The purpose of the forum is therefore to identify concrete courses of action to help stakeholders in the field to be better equipped to deal with this major medical revolution.

The event will highlight the expertise of renowned presenters through lectures and discussion panels, but will also build upon the ideas and skills of participants through workshops.

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Did you know that by donating, you can save the lives of 8 people! BeADonor Month occurs every April across Canada. It can be a rewarding way to give back to your community. The best part about BeADonor Month is that everyone is welcome to participate. What’s important is that your event is helping to raise the awareness of organ and tissue donation and transplantation. So help raise awareness for organ and tissue donations by signing your donor card. Visit to truely make a difference in someone's life.

The MUHC Organ Transplant Patients’ Committee invites you to their Celebration of Life fundraiser to benefit the Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation’s Organ Transplant Fund. Every year, more than 150 lifesaving transplants are performed at the Royal Victoria Hospital – making our hospital the largest multi-organ transplant centre in Quebec. Money raised at this event will go towards purchasing and upgrading critical equipment for the Transplant Department, as well as education and training for the nursing team.

Tickets: $125 per person, $50 per child (3-10 years)

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